Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peanut Butter Mystery

What is it with vegans and peanut butter? 

I have never been a regular peanut butter eater. A brief attempt at fitting in at school that involved specifically requesting PB&J sandwiches never got off the ground. Well, it did in a way: after not eating the first sandwich during lunch, I speared it onto a tree branch after getting home in order to hide the evidence. My mom's telling of the story reveals that I broke after little questioning, confessing that I "put it in a tree." 

Every once in a while I would get a peanut butter craving totally out of the blue, eat one spoonful, and remain uninterested for months at a time. 

However, ever since becoming vegan I cannot get enough peanut butter. It is a delicious snack. It's awesome on raisin bread. And, it is a critical component of the world's most perfect dessert. Behold!

Chunky peanut butter + dark chocolate chocolate chips = YUM!