Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tilda Basmati Rice

I was watching an America's Test Kitchen a few weeks back, and they taste-tested basmati rice. The ultimate word on basmati rice was that the rices from India were far superior to any of the American brands, so when I saw this at the supermarket I decided to go for it. 

I love this rice. You can cook it in the microwave! I mean, that's enough to recommend it right there. The microwave option makes it very difficult to over-cook or burn and frees up space on the stove-top, and, though I was not involved in this taste-test, word on the street is that this rice is actually more delicious made in the microwave than on the stove. 


  1. Do you use the same water to rice ratios? how much time? I need more direction in this foreign world of microwave cooking.

  2. This rice says: 1 cup rice to 1.5 cups water. Cover and cook on high for 6 minutes, stir, and cook on defrost for 8 minutes, though I usually do 9. I suppose it could potentially work for any rice, though I've never branched out beyond this brand.