Saturday, April 18, 2009

Austin, TX: Magical Tofu Creations

I am a lady who likes her sandwiches. Austin offered a wealth of sandwich varieties, and managed to do delicious things with tofu that I hope to replicate at home.

First up was the Vegetarian Bahn Mi Sandwich with lemongrass tofu from Lulu B's food cart. [Myspace here]. Sara and I had expressed our love of the Bahn Mi to each other in a mildly hilarious conversation that went sort of like this:
Sara: So, there's this sandwich...
Antonia (interrupting): A Vegetarian Bahn Mi Sandwich?!!
Sara: YES!
Antonia: Me too!
*various squeals and yelps*

Lulu B's offers up a Bahn Mi that, if it may be said was a little light on the pickling and basil, really comes through with the flavorful tofu. Sara sent me this recipe for lemongrass tofu soon after our conversation, and though I have not yet made it, the tofu is now purchased and is ready to go. 

Here you can see our full eating tableau, complete with various coffee drinks, and an abundance of napkins.

And here's a detail shot, with the tofu pieces visible on the far side of the sandwich.

Next up was the Kool Summer Sammich with Tofu Bacon from Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse and Cafe. This beauty combines tomato, cucumber, carrots, sprouts, and red onion with chipotle-basil pesto and a mild-boggling tofu bacon. 

I do not understand how this bacon was created but I am determined to figure it out. I think it involves broiling, and a perfect spice-and-brown-sugar rub. You can see some of its blackened deliciousness peeking out from the near sandwich half.

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