Friday, April 17, 2009

Boston, MA: Red Curry Vegetables with Roasted "Duck"

My last day in Boston I had pretty much to myself, and though it was rainy, I did a fair bit of walking around the downtown area. I totally stumbled by accident into Chinatown, and remembered a vegan Thai restaurant in the little guidebook Sarah and Dan had. The name had changed from Buddha's Delight to My Thai vegan cafe, but the fake meat is still really really good. Service is pretty terrible, but I had time to kill so it was alright with me. 

I vascillated between a Green Curry with "Chicken" and a Red Curry with "Duck" and eventually went for the duck, because I have a mild obsession with Asian mock duck. Look how pretty it turned out:

And yeah, there's a giant "duck" roast under that pile. It was sort of cut into little riblet shapes, which made for nice portioning, and the vegetables were cooked very well. I also liked that it was served on a bed of mesclun greens, as I am a general fan of adding salad to things. 

Here you can see the "duck" looking awesome. I honestly don't understand how they managed to achieve the poultry-like texture in this fake meat. It actually had a grain to it! Plus the leftovers were so nice to have on the plane.

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